Challenge discrimination. See it. Report it.

Homophobia in all forms is completely unacceptable and needs to be challenged every time it happens.

By reporting homophobia, however trivial you think it might be, you help thousands of other LGBTQ+ people by allowing authorities to take the correct action, and help prevent it happening in the future.

Below is a list of ways in which you can report Homophobia within football. Please read the descriptions to find the best route possible for your needs.

See Red

Manchester United have an anti-discrimination report campaign entitled ‘See Red’ as the club works to confront racism and discrimination in all its forms.
‘See Red’ will continue to build on the work of the club’s existing ‘All Red All Equal’ programme which has also sought to tackle discrimination.
This online form is for forms of discrimination/hate experienced online or social media, the form to report these are below

Report Online:

Kick it Out

Kick it Out fight all forms discrimination, making sure football is a game for everyone – and that means putting equality and inclusion up front.
If you’ve seen discrimination in football – online or at a grassroots, non-league or professional game – don’t turn away. Report it to Kick it Out so they can get the right people involved and support everyone affected.

Report Online:
020 3967 8989


Their helpline is for LGBTQ+ people experiencing abuse or violence, such as hate crime, domestic abuse, sexual violence, so-called “conversion therapy” or any other kind of abuse.
The Galop Helpline is here to offer you emotional support, provide information and can help you to explore your options, depending on your needs.

Report Online:
0800 999 5428


Reporting a hate crime or hate incident to the police:

When you report the incident, the police will record what happened. They’ll usually only investigate the incident if a crime has happened – for example, if you’ve been assaulted. 

The police might also investigate if you’ve experienced more than one hate incident – for example, if someone keeps harassing you. If you’re in this situation, you should report each incident to the police so they have a record.

It’s a good idea to contact a hate crime support service before you report the incident to the police.

The support service can help you work out what to say in your report. This will help the police be successful if they investigate the crime.

After you report the incident, the support service can also help you contact the police about your case.

Report Online:
Non-emergency number: 111