Football v Transphobia – Rainbow Devils Members Reflections

To mark Football v Transphobia’s Week of Action, we have some Rainbow Devils members reflecting on their experiences as Trans+ Manchester United fans.

Cass (she/her)

Savan-Chandni (she/they)

“Being a Trans South Asian Woman who’s currently socially transitioning and being a United Fan is an interesting one, to be honest.

“I personally haven’t faced any negative reactions from fellow United fans but this doesn’t mean allies should stop supporting their Trans+ friends, family and supporters.

“Times are scary for us and we need people to turn up and ensure we are safe and enjoying the ups and down of being a United Fan.”

Larissa (she/her)

“One of the coolest things about being a Manchester United fan for me is feeling totally included.

“I mean, shoutout to the Rainbow Devils for creating such an awesome LGBTQ+ space in football!

“It’s massive for us to have that support, especially in a sport like football. Seeing our club getting involved just makes me even prouder to be a fan!”

Adam (he/him)

“I’m a lifelong United fan (inherited from my granddad) and proposed to my now wife (a lifelong United fan, which she inherited from her nana!) at Old Trafford in 2019.

“We’re now both Rainbow Devils and loving being part of an amazing group of other LGBTQ+ reds and being able to be ourselves in the place we love the most”

Jess (they/they)

“Rainbow Devils has allowed me to explore who I am, while being a football fan.

“It was the Rainbow Devils who provided me with the opportunity to proudly wear the Man Utd badge alongside the pride flag and march in the Manchester Pride parade—a moment I never thought I’d experience.

“Rainbow Devils have empowered me to unite my passion for Manchester United with my identity, championing for inclusivity both on and off the pitch.”