Rainbow Devils joins MUFC Fan Forum

Rainbow Devils LGBTQ+ has secured a place on Manchester United’s Fans’ Forum for the first time, as co-chair Eric Najib took up one of 3 new roles on the group in October.

The Fans’ Forum is a representative body made up of delegates from the supporter base and senior MUFC figures, which meets to address issues of concern to supporters. In Manchester United’s words, its aim “is to stimulate important conversations and make sure the club’s decision-making is as effective as possible, while also ensuring a constant dialogue is in play between the club and fans.”

This is the first time LGBTQ+ fans have had a reserved place on on the group, which is a positive step in providing a voice for LGBTQ+ supporters within the club’s structures and tackling issues affecting our members.

Eric said: “Rainbow Devils are really proud to have been allocated a place on the club’s Fans’ Forum. We feel this maximises the opportunity for our voice to be heard alongside other facets of United’s support on a variety of topics. It’s a testament to how far we have come as we approach our fifth year of existence and we look forward to continuing the fantastic working relationship we have with MUFC.”

Further places representing Official Members and under-21s were also created, and a further 3 positions were filled having previously been vacant.

The new Fans’ Forum representative are:

• Family Stand (Dave Field)

• Local Resident (Carly Lyes)

• Official Member (Bolaji Alabi)

• Rainbow Devils (Eric Najib)

• Season Ticket Holder (Dips Jandu)

• Under-21 (Zeeshan Qumer)